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Which Credit Best For You?

One of the most important factors when making comparisons between the cost of credit is to be created for you. Banks are highly competitive in selling loans. Therefore, these costs are very significant differences between the need to wait. However, each bank's market and profitability objectives, strategy and cost management, there is a substantial difference between the prices of credit will be different. a little bit of attention to find the most cost-effective it is also essential mathematics.
Financial institutions, many offers various pricing and payment options to create attraction towards differentiation to meet the customer's expectations and price comparison method. This is the case for some people to use credit facilities are creating a bit difficult to understand what the real price and cost.
It appears very low interest rates may not show the actual cost. Even in the same bank mortgage loan / mortgage interest rates, such as 1.2 and 0.79, you can see two very different rates. But both of them with an accurate calculation you can find out that the same door. Someone at a fraction of the cost of the various items of expenses and commissions are collected in advance from the first installment to reflect in the other.
However, faced with housing and well below the market interest rate on vehicle sales campaign. Often these are not real credit costs. Because usually in this type of campaign, if you use or not use loan rates are different. A quantity discount will apply if you use credit. So you do not actually get a lower rate loan. so expensive for what you get home loan rate or the amount of brokerage commissions seem low.
find the lowest cost for your loan while your own risk and you need to do careful research and calculations for it. the credit price comparison sites may be useful to use at this stage. But you must not lose sight of what is done on the basis that there's ranking. For example, the commission and insurance costs, ignoring the file is just a meaningless ranking according to interest rates.
the banks will be included in the cost of credit which compare the costs when you need to gain an unfair advantage. The vast majority of vehicles are already insured their vehicles to the vehicle owner. Therefore, the costs would not be right to see insurance as credit costs. But to make the institution one of the lenders from credit insurance conditions and your price is higher than the price of your own insurance agency subject to the price difference that can be considered as credit costs. Similarly, the evaluation of a consumer finds attractive, taking out life insurance should be made accordingly. Because these costs are obtained at some other rights.
You need to use is Total Cost Ratio can learn the most important data from the bank. The interest rate during the credit will be calculated taking into account costs and commissions. that credit institutions are required to report customers with the methods specified in the notification by calculating this figure. Banks' published in their website "product and service fees" page of the access to this information. But it not provided full transparency in this regard. Some banks in the printed media, visual media and very low base lending rates on the internet introducing these rates are "products and services fees" are not included in the page. only low-value ratios for loans of this type, may apply to certain sectors such as private housing projects or public employees. In addition, banks in the period corresponding to changes in regulations, make calculations can reach different results in different ways. different bank data to calculate an exact comparison can be useful to confirm, using the same tool.

All these studies and calculations, except usually has the authority to make some discount on published rates for bank branches. credit costs as a bargain in this regard may be able to reduce

5 errors in time to borrow for the company

You are thinking of getting some money to leverage your business or address some debts? Watch out for errors in time to borrow to not have headaches!
Apply for a bank loan can be an interesting solution to face financial difficulties, loss of market or even to get an immediate capital and apply the growth of your business. It turns out that this is often a critical moment and if you stay focused only on the benefits you will get the money when you can forget the care that must have time to ask for the loan to your company.
Not to be fair nasty surprises when you thought it was going to do well, it is important to plan since before negotiating the loan with the bank. To do so, stay on top of some fatal mistakes you need to avoid
 1) Do not think twice before asking for the loan
As the loan may seem a viable and practical solution, this strategy can be tricky and may cause the company's debts become one snowball. For this reason, in addition to analyzing the enterprise really need the loan, you should also consider other ways of raising capital.

If your company has financial investments on its behalf, real estate, vehicles and other goods that can be transformed quickly into available capital, see if the sale of assets and rights no longer worth it. This is because usually the interest levied on debts and loans are higher than the yields of these applications. Later, you can worry about the replacement of what was removed from equity of the company.

2) Do not simulate before going to the bank
As well as high school students use the simulated vestibular to get an idea of ​​whether they can pass the test or not, in the case of loans, it is also essential to simulate how it will discharge the parcels to see if the company actually able to afford them . These calculations are important for understanding the term, the interest and other terms of the loan so that you can arrange to pay off the debt.

3) Request personal loan
For starters, you should know that the personal finances of the partners or the entrepreneur are one thing, while the finances of the company (legal entity) must be controlled separately. The profits achieved by the company may not be confused with the pro-labore you receive, the same way that the resources of the company's cash should not be intended for his private life. If you have trouble keeping these accounts so separadas.Sendo avoid avail pre-approved personal loans in the bank to cover the costs of your business. This type of loan makes your credit as committed individuals until it is paid in full, in addition to interest charges and far worse conditions than if it was taken a special loan for legal entities. That is, it is a bad idea!

4) Do not look for the right loan for their size
Not only is the economic situation or the timing of your company that tells you how much you should ask for loan, but also the size of its activities. Therefore, it is essential to calculate precisely how much your business will actually have to borrow, and not simply be deducted loud as you think you should receive. To dispel doubts, it is recommended to talk to a consultant to know what would be the appropriate amount.

5) Do not have a financial control to help you
In many cases entrepreneurs end up resorting to loans to leave the financial control side and, without knowing how the company's situation could be different, can only see the loan as a solution. When you can make cash flow regularly, it becomes easier to know the real need for more capital for business and if it is even necessary, as you will need. Having a good financial control, including, may be a point in favor when negotiating with the bank manager.

This tip also serves to after you've got the money. Imagine having all the work of planning the discharge of the loan, check if it is really necessary, determine which banks offer the best payment terms, ask the loan and, in the end, can not use it the right way! We recommend using a good financial control software. This way you will have an accurate picture of the financial health of the company and know where to invest the money you have available.

5 things you need to know before taking a personal loan

Getting an extra little money at a time of tightening can be a real leg up in the financial life. An hour the car breaks down, the reform of the house does not walk, there are unexpected medical expenses, child's school fees is delayed or debt credit card continues to grow. At such times, the type ads: "Personal Loan Now"! "Easy and unbureaucratic Money" appear as quick and easy options to exit suffocate.

But how would your grandmother, not everything that glitters is gold, and in the financial area, a step in false can cause a lot of headaches. So we prepare five important tips for you not to curl into a personal loan.
The purpose of the loan
It is not always possible to purchase goods and pay demand accounts. In these cases, consider the purpose of the loan and seek to use it to pay off expensive debts, such as rotating credit card and overdraft, or unexpected as a health problem in the family. Use it to buy a car, pay for travel or have more money to expenses that are unplanned can you put in a financial situation even more complicated.
Before making a loan, plan payment
Be cautious when accepting proposals soft benefits, as they usually are many! Before entering into a debt, keep in mind how it will come out. Make sure other major costs arise, as the faculty of a child or buying a property, for example. Do not forget that unforeseen events can also occur, so avoid accumulating debt and prioritize cash purchases not to compromise your budget for a period out of sight.

Beware of loan scams
Knowing that there are many people wanting to get out of the struggle, scam artists have gained ground in the midst of financial loans. Suspect calls and emails offering credit when you did not ask and never pass your personal information through these channels. And if you ask any advance to release the money, too wary. credibility of institutions hardly ask any registration fee, guarantor or processing to release the loan amount. In addition to these precautions, always search for the history of companies that offer credit, check for complaints and accusations on the internet. Visit the site and get all your doubts.

Be inside the fees charged
The interest rate on a personal loan is the cost of using the money that will be provided. That is, interest is the amount you will pay more for an advance cash you need. Thus, nothing more natural than to seek the lowest interest rates among financial institutions, right? Yes, but do not rely only on this issue. In addition to this fee can be applied to other values ​​and there are differences between monthly or annual payments. Also be attend to the contract and the burden of fines and length of committee in the event of late payment of installments.

Stay tuned to payroll loan
The payroll loan is nothing more than a debt that will be deducted every month from your wages - without payment books, slips or accounts. So before hiring him, face this loan as a part of your salary that will not exist for a certain period. Among the types of credit, payroll may have lower rates in the market, but to investigate whether the company in which you work has an agreement with an institution. By law, you can commit a maximum of 30% of their income, so beware if offered higher percentages!

Every loan must be done consciously and thinking, always in the future! If you clear each of the things we mentioned, you will have no trouble to acquire, manage and pay off the credit. Remember that it is always a help, so do not let it turn into a problem.

Tips to make a loan

Make a loan is not always debts signal, it can be directly connected to the realization of a dream, how to open your own business, for example. If the opportunity is good and you have a business plan ideal to know when will the return of the amount invested, a loan is a great alternative to get the chance to be your own boss and earn money doing what you like. But take any hasty action when it involves money, whether to invest in a business or a loan, financing, joint ventures, etc. there are several risks involved and you should analyze all the important points to not attract debt instead of attracting money.

This is how you should follow some tips to make a loan before opening your business. First, the keyword is SEARCH, because there are many lenders that offer favorable conditions (or not) to facilitate credit to small business owners. The ideal is to know at least three different proposals before opting for any of them. When searching, you need COMPARE interest rates, payment terms, requirements to make the loan (some require certain income and then hiring another service), possible fines and delay guarantees. By choosing the best financial institution, do not close the negotiations quickly. Before, ANALYZE how much can pay in achieving this loan, ie, what is the maximum amount that you can afford without delay with the payment. Remember that at the beginning of a business, profit practically does not exist, then do this analysis in a pessimistic scenario and always have a second alternative income to pay off their debts, at least during the first year of business. Everyone knows that the lower the number of installments, the lower the interest rate, but the higher the monthly amount you must pay, or if you can not afford too high monthly better split into more installments and pay interest so aware of what is going to happen to believe a miracle and you will pay a much higher value, sinking in debt at the beginning of your venture. After determining the maximum amount of the installments, make several simulations, since often the change is not as great as believed to be. Set the conditions for the realization of the loan, carefully read the entire contract before signing it. If the type of person who does not understand much this document or have difficulty reading long texts carefully, always take a person who has more skill with this in order to not miss any important point regarding the payment of your new loan. Signed contract? So to provision this expense in your spreadsheet fixed monthly expenses to be aware of how much will have to spend and not to delay the plots to avoid further interest. These tips for making a loan are simple but can greatly help the new entrepreneur needs initial capital and has no own resources. It is worth investing to have a subsequent return.

10 tips to make a payroll loan

At the time of tightening often the consumer is required to use the payroll loans. However, by several factors not observe the minimum care required for performing a good deal and a safe hiring. For this we prepared some tips that could prevent a lot of headaches and losses in the future:

1 - Always remember: You need the Bank, but it also needs you !!! Appreciate the fact that the Bank seeks to consumers who are able to make payroll loans because of the low risk of default.

2 - Do a market research. Competition among banks is large and with a little patience you can get a much better condition than the first offer you receive.

3 - If you hold the loan through a corresponding, make sure that it is authorized by the Bank.

4 - Be wary of business and outlandish promises that promise a lot of money with low number and amount of installments.

5. Read the contract before signing. Ask. Question. Complain. Do not be shy. You are not required to accept all that is imposed, mainly to pay abusive rates. After all, who will pay every month is you and not the person who sold you the loan.

6 - Never sign blank contracts. They can later be filled with values ​​and conditions you did not contract.

7 - Be careful with the amount of leaves you sign. Most of the time the contracts of banks have a maximum of 03 pages. A tip: in addition to sign or initial each page, also set the date of the day. This will hinder the use of these documents by malicious people.

8. Require a copy of the contract upon contract signature. It is your right to know exactly all the terms and conditions of your loan.

9. Once you receive your loan, take and save the bank statement that shows exactly the amount that the Bank deposited for you.

10 - If you received a lower value than what was promised or greater value or quantity installments, immediately look for the Bank and / or corresponding to complain. The longer you take to take the measures, the harder it will be to prove and solve the problem.

These tips also apply any type of loan, repurchases and refinancings.

Know the interest and the types of ideal loan for your case

Interest rates fell and access to credit is becoming easier in the country. Before signing a contract, however, it is important to know the different lines of financing offered by banks. The choice of the most appropriate loan type for every need can result in a good economy.
The personal finance experts are unanimous in saying that borrow is an attitude that should be taken only as a last resort. Although banks have promoted reductions in rates this year, they are still high.
But even if there is need, there are options that can weigh less in the pocket than others.
"When interest rates were higher, you could save for 10 or 15 years and be able to accumulate the amount needed to buy a property in sight. The decline in interest rates means that there is greater difficulty to save that money.
In such a situation, ask for loan may be the best solution, and in this case, the specific lines of mortgages offered by banks are the most appropriate, and often the only option.
Banks offer higher values ​​and charge lower interest rates on these lines because the property is given as security. If the consumer does not pay, he may lose well.
"The property financing also has benefits that other loans do not have, as the term alongado.Atualmente, banks even offer loans for periods of up to 35 years.
It is better to get loan at the bank than at the dealership
The mechanism is similar to the vehicle financing. It is best to take a specific financing to buy a car than a traditional personal loan, for example.
As in the case of the car itself is funding the guarantee of payment, the rates are usually lower. the fees charged on credit for car purchase are 1.49% per month on average.
When buying a car also usually more advantageous get the loan directly to the bank to do business at the dealership. This is because the dealership financing is usually linked to the collection of other taxes, such as return, which may increase the final amount paid.
In other situations, it is up to the consumer to research and find the best credit line for that moment. "When you need money for an emergency, most people pulls the money from the account and just entering the overdraft. But there are other ways, better, that can be used.
If you see the urgent need to buy an appliance for home, for example, it is best to avoid the installment plan from the shops, with average interest rate of 4.1% per month.
Personal loan is an option for those who have not recorded
"If the consumer can access specific lines, as the anticipation of the 13th salary and refund of income tax, the rate may be even lower in such cases, funding will be linked to the payment of the benefit: the discount is done automatically upon receipt by the consumer.
In extreme situations, however, it may not be possible to expect the credit to be approved by the bank. Then the overdraft can be used, although sparingly, experts say.

"If a family member is with a health problem or you need to make the car repair, ie, in truly exceptional circumstances, the consumer can use the overdraft. But he can not count on the special as a complement to their own income .

Tips and Care When Request Loans

Care to make loans on the Internet

It is indeed remarkable effective transformation that the Internet has made the life of all citizens as a means of effective communication, extrememamente agile and convenience surpriendente. The internet is increasingly present in our environment, whether in our house, on the beach, in the field and especially at work, in general all the uses in the most diverse organizations.
Companies find the Internet a fantastic communication tool with its customers and public in general, the web speeds the spread of its guidelines and strategic and commercial.
But not everything in the network are flowers nowadays with this evolution either, with a minimum of knowledge, someone publishes a website or blog on the Internet offering what you want or give the tile, enter this site in search engines, free classified , social networks, link exchange etc., and presto, you think you have an online business and begin to do the like.
Watch out! Read below some means to verify the accuracy of the information contained in the sites, and how to consult this information.
If any alleged loan company online credit, which is offering loan without consulting the SPC and serasa to natural persons or working in a private company or even for public employees and retirees, with instant cash releases, with values ​​greater than 5 ( five) thousand reais, ie 10,000 - 50,000 - 100000-150000 and up 500,000 from one day to the other without aumenos see your face, and on top by phone, be wary !!!
See these tips to avoid getting into trouble:

1 - Make sure the site has quality and is well structured?

2 - Make sure the site's domain is .com own type or .com

3 - The company highlights the address and landline phone?

4 - Has Fixed phone?

5 - Just phone numbers to contact? So do not waste your time.

6 - Make sure the company or who wants to lend has CNPJ.

8 - Ensure the existence of the company through Google search on complaints and comments on blogs.

9 - Disclose the banks or financial that it claims to represent.

10 - Never deposit or anticipate any type of fee in cash before receiving the credit.

11 - Never pay rate of 5% or 10% as supposed insurance fee or administration fee or bond etc.

12 - Try to go to the store or company personally, near the location request information to neighbors.

13 - Analyze if the applied interest rates are consistent in most cases are true moneylenders squared.

14 - Be smart, no bank, financial or cooperative lends money to individuals with bad name in up to 120 months.

15 - Never provide your personal data and documents as - ID number, e-mail, your (Agency and bank account) or identifiable information on sites that do not offer criptocrafada security of your data and have a clear privacy policy.

Note: Consider the consequences to send your fax or email documents without checking at least 70% of these tips. These tips are just a few of the dozens of factors that help you not to fall into nunhum blow.
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